One of the most important aspects of science is communication. There are thousands of scientific journals available which publish new and exciting research on a daily basis. However, most of this information is only available to those currently engaged in research. Very little of this reaches the minds of people beyond the academic environment, and even if it does, the original papers are usually full of jargon and make assumptions of prior knowledge. Reading articles can rapidly become a tiresome affair, and the importance of the findings is easily lost.

Yet much of the work being carried out by researchers today can help us to understand more about the world we live in, and to make more informed decisions about our own lives. This blog aims to relate recent scientific findings in a more approachable and exciting way, in the hope that the reader will find it as fascinating as I do. The posts will focus mainly on environmental science, and will cover topics relating to ecology, zoology, plants, marine biology and probably a lot more. They will simply be my own interpretation of original research papers, and will only cover topics that I can actually understand myself.

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